10 reasons to choose Arras Group

Experience, Innovation, Quality and Guaranteed Income in the Real Estate sector for your beach house

For build, rent, sell, invest e acquire a second home by the sea in Sardinia, Arras Group is your perfect partner.

We are leaders in financial planning and valorisation of housing proposals of great excellence and with low environmental impact, in one of the most fascinating and attractive Mediterranean islands in the world, Sardinia.

What sets us apart?

  • A specialized service, the result of a consolidated expertise in the Real Estate and real estate investment sector, combined with in-depth knowledge of the territory and of tourist dynamics, thanks to our presence on site for over 14 years.
  • A range of projects capable of responding to the most varied aesthetic, economic and technical needsfunctional[EA1] . Our properties are located in dream locations and structured with terraces and verandas overlooking the sea, a few meters from the most famous beaches of Sardinia.
  • The selection of best structural solutions and the most performing materials to guarantee the maximum energy efficiency of our buildings. All the resources and raw materials that we use in the entire construction chain are renewable, from certified origin and guarantee a low impact on the environment.
  • Our daily commitment to enhance our land selecting typical Sardinian materials and craftsmanship.
  • State-of-the-art project management, conducted by a multidisciplinary team with a mix of excellence, capable of using the most modern technologies of industry 4.0 and sophisticated tools Smart building, in favour of iconic, unique, customized and “intelligent” architectural solutions, in which high design marries with the skilful use of home automation, IoT devices and green building.
  • Our shipyards are completely navigable, from the design phase to construction, thanks to the use of innovative software: configuration model, real estate marketing and our free AG App for the control of all phases of the construction site.
  • An integrated and highly professional support service, which accompanies you to 360° for the entire life cycle of the real estate project, from the design phase, to the design, development, construction and possible income generation and sale.
  • The high rate of return and strong revaluations to which our properties are subject. This is why investing with Arras Group means secure valuable returns to enjoy the luxury of economic security guaranteed over time.
  • We offer a complete service of property income management purchased. The expected returns from this activity range from 4% to 15% annual value of the property based on the time of year, the type of house and the prestige of the location.
  • Through our algorithm present on the web platform, we evaluate your property and if it falls within our fees, we acquire it within 30 days, we renovate it and create the presentation material (augmented reality configurator and real estate marketing) in order to allow customers to choose their property from the comfort of home.