Green building: sustainability and energy saving

Our green building solutions for quality homes

Building according to sustainability criteria represents a great challenge in which Arras Group has always believed. All the resources and raw materials that we use in the entire construction chain are renewable, from certified origin and guarantee a low impact on the environment.

For our projects we select only the best structural solutions and the best materials to ensure maximum energy efficiency. For this reason Arras Group uses blocks ISOTEX 33/10. These blocks are made up of mineralized wood cement, an innovative material that retains the strength of concrete combined with the transpiring and insulating properties of wood.

Isotex products are designed following the principles of green building: natural and quality raw materials, a production process a low ecological impact to obtain a product that favors the energy saving and improves the quality of living, reducing noise pollution and the onset of condensation and moulds, which are harmful to human health. Furthermore, the use of this material guarantees the creation of robust and resistant structures even in the event of earthquake or fire.

For us who build houses to live in all year round, using wood means using a natural, renewable, breathable and healthy material, which manages to ensure the absence of humidity, reduction of dust and protection from electrosmog.

For Arras Group it is also important to guarantee its customers considerable energy savings. Our houses are cool in summer and warm in winter, in fact, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation it is possible to obtain between 60% and 80% for cutting consumption. In our projects we only use systems that meet high energy efficiency standards, such as underfloor heating, solar thermal, photovoltaics and heat pumps. To ensure the maximum efficiency of our systems, our homes are equipped with home automation and semi-home automation technologies that allow for optimal management of all home systems through the application.

The sustainable commitment that distinguishes us also passes from the enhancement and recovery of the existing building heritage, through a path of purchase, renovation with particular attention to energy efficiency and resale. We are also committed to expanding urban centers by creating value for the area and guaranteeing maximum respect for nature thanks to projects made with natural materials that blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.