How Smart Working is revolutionizing the real estate industry

The new housing needs of Italians between Smart Working and the real estate sector

The health emergency from Covid-19 has incredibly changed many aspects of our lives. The world of work has become radically digitized and smart working has fully entered our lives, upsetting many areas, including the real estate sector.

According to the data of theSmart Working Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, in 2019 the companies that had started Smart Working projects internally were the 58%, growing compared to 56% of 2018 and others 36% of 2017. In 2020, workers in Smart Working went from 600 thousand to 6.6 million.

It is clear that the extent of this phenomenon is able to change the choices of the population in many fields, starting from housing needs.

Based on a survey involving more than 300 workers, the 26% of respondents rate thebuying a bigger house, The 21% The transfer to the municipality of origin in Central-Southern Italy and the 24% internal modifications to the house.

The reasons that push more and more people towards Central and Southern Italy are: proximity to their loved ones, the lower cost of living and housing and the livability of the context.

Furthermore, for the many workers who have experienced full-time remote work to whom the company has communicated its intention to maintain it even after the pandemic, it is an opportunity to return to live in smaller cities and with a more relaxing pace of life, without but give up your career.

Among the best cities for quality of life there are Cagliari e Sassari, destinations more and more choices to start a new healthier life and contact with nature.