Diamonds La Maddalena


Sea view comfort and design

In the pristine La Maddalena Island to the extreme Northern Sardinia our new residential project is born Diamonds La Maddalena. The project stands at the strategic point of the Mangiavolpe marina, an ideal landing place for exploring all the coasts of the island and the paradisiacal beaches of the archipelago.

The location chosen for the Diamonds complex is very exclusive as it is located in One of the most prestigious spots on the island, near Piazza Garibaldi, from which it is possible to reach all the services comfortably on foot. 

The Project

Diamonds is a residential complex consisting of elegant buildings overlooking the sea. Each building consists of 4 floors divided into several four-room, three-room and two-room apartments: on the ground floor the units are enriched by the garden, on the first floor and attic floor the properties enjoy splendid terraces overlooking the sea and finally on the top floor there is a beautiful penthouse with solarium.

The location

La Maddalena is a wonderful island renowned worldwide for its beaches and for the clarity and transparency of its waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean ones. The island is part of a beautiful and unmissable archipelago that can be visited by boat. In addition to the sea, the town has a characteristic historic center and many attractions and services. There area is very prestigious so much so that it is frequented by prominent personalities and national and international fame.