Living in Cagliari: the city where people live best

All the reasons to choose to live in this wonderful city.

Every year The sun 24 hours draws up the ranking of the Italian provinces on the basis of life quality. In 2020, the metropolitan city of Cagliari leaps directly into the top ten, positioning itself at ninth place, thus confirming that living in Cagliari is the ideal choice for those looking for a place with an excellent quality of life.

We are not surprised that Cagliari is one of the most popular Italian cities both in Italy and overseas. The historic center with suggestive glimpses and breathtaking panoramas, the lagoons, the many parks and beaches, the nightlife in the historic center, including restaurants and clubs and above all a relaxing atmosphere compared to the frenetic cities of the north, they testify to the very high quality of life.

Cagliari is a medium-small city and for this reason it is the right balance for those who don't want to give up the services and attractions of a city, while remaining a stone's throw from the natural beauties and the sea.

The mild climate all year round, the opportunity to enjoy every day of wonderful views of the sea and a lower cost of living than many cities in Italy make Cagliari the ideal city for freelance or remote workers, retirees or anyone else who wants to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle.

Also from a tourist point of view, Cagliari has been defined as the best seaside city from the British newspaper The Guardian. Given its tourist attraction and the quality of life of those who live there, Cagliari is one of the best areas in Sardinia to buy a house and make a profitable investment. Whether you want to relocate or simply want to buy a second home, this magnificent city is the right choice.