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Are you a real estate agency?

Arras Group is a technology company specializing in real estate development, with a decade of experience in the field. Thanks to its technological process, it deals with designing, building, and selling housing solutions in the best sea view locations very quickly. Buying an AG-signed house is a unique experience, allowing you to customize your home at no additional cost, and there are no brokerage fees, thus saving you a significant amount.

How can I purchase a property from Arras Group?

Thanks to our innovative e-commerce platform, you can choose the property you prefer, consult all the documentation (contract, warranty, regulations, etc.), configure it and book it directly online, all from your smartphone while sitting comfortably on your couch. With just a few clicks, you can become the owner of your new Arras Group beach home. If you prefer to receive dedicated real estate advice, our commercial department is available 24/7 to provide you with all the information and guide you step by step until purchase.

Are the properties ready for immediate delivery?

Purchases from Arras Group are all on plan or in an advanced stage of development, allowing us to make your home unique and functional based on your needs. With the support of our Architects and Interior Designers, you can shape the home of your dreams and personalize it as you wish.

What is the purchase procedure like?

You can buy an Arras Group home in a few easy steps. Once you have chosen the property, you can sign the revocable purchase proposal directly online and book the house by paying a security deposit (which will be refunded if you withdraw within 15 days). After this period, you can follow the customization process of your home, analyze all the legal and technical documentation, and then proceed to the signing of the preliminary sales agreement and the payment of the deposit. Once the preliminary agreement is signed, we will provide you with access to the “Arras Group virtual data room (VDR)”, dedicated to each individual project, where you can follow all the construction phases and progress through photos and videos, consult urban planning documents, technical and executive drawings, and everything related to the project's completion. Also, through the VDR, you can have a dedicated chat with the Architect in charge of the project. When the property is finished, the signing of the deed of sale, in the presence of the Notary, will officially make you the owner of your new beach home.

Are the properties delivered furnished?

We put all our experience and our commercial partners at your disposal so that you can have a service and a product among the best in the market at unbeatable prices. In our online showroom, you can choose from 3 furniture packages that you can comfortably purchase from our e-commerce, thus completing your property and making it the comfortable and stylish home you have always wanted. Our Architects are always available for personalized advice and to meet any of your needs. Our goal is to realize your dream of a second home also in terms of design and furnishings.

What is the appreciation over time of your properties?

Our real estate projects are unique in design, energy efficiency, location, and especially in their conception. All the locations where we develop our projects are highly touristic, guaranteeing a strong appreciation of the price, which we have estimated to grow by at least 15-20% within the first 12 months after construction.

How can I generate income from my new Arras Group property?

All the locations where we develop our projects have a high tourist impact, guaranteeing not only a strong appreciation of the price but also a very high profitability of your property. We offer you the opportunity to generate income from your Arras Group home without worrying about anything. The company will take care of estimating the economic return and all the necessary steps, from photography services to guest management, in a safe, smart, and transparent way.

Are the properties located in areas serviced throughout the year?

All the locations selected by Arras Group offer a wonderful sea view and proximity and are chosen to ensure you the utmost comfort and services all year round. Just a few minutes walk from your new home, you will find beautiful beaches, unforgettable landscapes and breathtaking sunsets, as well as all the commercial and health activities you need to spend unforgettable periods in the name of safety and well-being.

Who can I contact if I need legal or financial advice during the purchase?

If you need legal or financial advice, our professionals are at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary information to purchase your home with the utmost peace of mind and safety. Our commercial department can provide you with all the details and contacts of lawyers and accountants.

What kind of guarantees do I receive when purchasing an Arras Group property?

Arras Group issues a surety bond to guarantee all amounts received and the refund of all sums paid. These guarantees are issued by primary insurance companies authorized and recognized by the Bank of Italy.

Is there a property maintenance and cleaning service?

Upon request, we take care of your property. To make your stay even more comfortable and stress-free, we offer an extra cleaning and 360-degree property maintenance service, allowing you to always find your beach home ready.

What taxes do I have to pay for purchasing a house in Italy?

If you want to buy a house in Italy, Italian law requires various taxes:
- If you are an Italian citizen, you will pay 4% VAT on your first home purchase, or 10% VAT on your second home purchase.
- If you are a foreign citizen, you will pay 10% VAT on your home purchase, or if you have or wish to establish residency in Italy, you will pay 4% VAT.

Besides VAT, there are other costs associated with the transfer of property, including:
- Notary fees
- Land registry tax
- Mortgage tax
These costs vary depending on the property you purchase, ranging from €2,500 to a maximum of €7,500.

In addition, the annual municipal taxes for maintaining the property are:
- IMU (Applicable only to second homes and luxury properties)
- TARI (Waste tax)
These taxes vary depending on the municipality where the property is located and usually do not exceed a few hundred euros per year.

Do Arras Group properties come with a quality certificate?

All our homes are built in compliance with high quality and sustainability standards. At the property deed signing, we will provide you with a 10-year quality guarantee.